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Version Operating System Architecture Download Binary Copy Link
v1.23.2 darwin amd64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.23.2 darwin amd64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.23.2 darwin arm64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.23.2 darwin arm64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux 386 kubectl (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux 386 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux amd64 apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux amd64 kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux amd64 kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux amd64 kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux amd64 kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux amd64 kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux amd64 kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux amd64 kubeadm (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux amd64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux amd64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux amd64 kubelet (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux amd64 mounter (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm kubeadm (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm kubectl (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm kubelet (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm mounter (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm64 apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm64 kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm64 kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm64 kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm64 kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm64 kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm64 kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm64 kubeadm (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm64 kubelet (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux arm64 mounter (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux ppc64le apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux ppc64le kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux ppc64le kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux ppc64le kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux ppc64le kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux ppc64le kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux ppc64le kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux ppc64le kubeadm (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux ppc64le kubectl (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux ppc64le kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux ppc64le kubelet (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux ppc64le mounter (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux s390x apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux s390x kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux s390x kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux s390x kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux s390x kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux s390x kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux s390x kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux s390x kubeadm (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux s390x kubectl (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux s390x kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux s390x kubelet (checksum)
v1.23.2 linux s390x mounter (checksum)
v1.23.2 windows 386 kubectl-convert.exe (checksum)
v1.23.2 windows 386 kubectl.exe (checksum)
v1.23.2 windows amd64 kube-log-runner.exe (checksum)
v1.23.2 windows amd64 kube-proxy.exe (checksum)
v1.23.2 windows amd64 kubeadm.exe (checksum)
v1.23.2 windows amd64 kubectl-convert.exe (checksum)
v1.23.2 windows amd64 kubectl.exe (checksum)
v1.23.2 windows amd64 kubelet.exe (checksum)
v1.23.2 windows arm64 kubectl-convert.exe (checksum)
v1.23.2 windows arm64 kubectl.exe (checksum)
v1.22.6 darwin amd64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.22.6 darwin amd64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.22.6 darwin arm64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.22.6 darwin arm64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux 386 kubectl (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux 386 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux amd64 apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux amd64 kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux amd64 kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux amd64 kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux amd64 kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux amd64 kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux amd64 kubeadm (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux amd64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux amd64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux amd64 kubelet (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux amd64 mounter (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux arm apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux arm kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux arm kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux arm kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux arm kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux arm kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux arm kubeadm (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux arm kubectl (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux arm kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux arm kubelet (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux arm mounter (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux arm64 apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux arm64 kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux arm64 kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux arm64 kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux arm64 kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux arm64 kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux arm64 kubeadm (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux arm64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux arm64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux arm64 kubelet (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux arm64 mounter (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux ppc64le apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux ppc64le kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux ppc64le kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux ppc64le kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux ppc64le kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux ppc64le kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux ppc64le kubeadm (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux ppc64le kubectl (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux ppc64le kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux ppc64le kubelet (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux ppc64le mounter (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux s390x apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux s390x kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux s390x kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux s390x kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux s390x kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux s390x kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux s390x kubeadm (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux s390x kubectl (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux s390x kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux s390x kubelet (checksum)
v1.22.6 linux s390x mounter (checksum)
v1.22.6 windows 386 kubectl-convert.exe (checksum)
v1.22.6 windows 386 kubectl.exe (checksum)
v1.22.6 windows amd64 kube-proxy.exe (checksum)
v1.22.6 windows amd64 kubeadm.exe (checksum)
v1.22.6 windows amd64 kubectl-convert.exe (checksum)
v1.22.6 windows amd64 kubectl.exe (checksum)
v1.22.6 windows amd64 kubelet.exe (checksum)
v1.21.9 darwin amd64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.21.9 darwin amd64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.21.9 darwin arm64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.21.9 darwin arm64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux 386 kubectl (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux 386 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux amd64 apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux amd64 kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux amd64 kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux amd64 kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux amd64 kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux amd64 kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux amd64 kubeadm (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux amd64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux amd64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux amd64 kubelet (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux amd64 mounter (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux arm apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux arm kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux arm kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux arm kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux arm kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux arm kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux arm kubeadm (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux arm kubectl (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux arm kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux arm kubelet (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux arm mounter (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux arm64 apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux arm64 kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux arm64 kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux arm64 kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux arm64 kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux arm64 kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux arm64 kubeadm (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux arm64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux arm64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux arm64 kubelet (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux arm64 mounter (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux ppc64le apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux ppc64le kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux ppc64le kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux ppc64le kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux ppc64le kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux ppc64le kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux ppc64le kubeadm (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux ppc64le kubectl (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux ppc64le kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux ppc64le kubelet (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux ppc64le mounter (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux s390x apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux s390x kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux s390x kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux s390x kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux s390x kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux s390x kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux s390x kubeadm (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux s390x kubectl (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux s390x kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux s390x kubelet (checksum)
v1.21.9 linux s390x mounter (checksum)
v1.21.9 windows 386 kubectl-convert.exe (checksum)
v1.21.9 windows 386 kubectl.exe (checksum)
v1.21.9 windows amd64 kube-proxy.exe (checksum)
v1.21.9 windows amd64 kubeadm.exe (checksum)
v1.21.9 windows amd64 kubectl-convert.exe (checksum)
v1.21.9 windows amd64 kubectl.exe (checksum)
v1.21.9 windows amd64 kubelet.exe (checksum)
v1.20.15 darwin amd64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux 386 kubectl (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux amd64 apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux amd64 kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux amd64 kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux amd64 kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux amd64 kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux amd64 kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux amd64 kubeadm (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux amd64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux amd64 kubelet (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux amd64 mounter (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux arm apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux arm kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux arm kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux arm kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux arm kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux arm kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux arm kubeadm (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux arm kubectl (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux arm kubelet (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux arm mounter (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux arm64 apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux arm64 kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux arm64 kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux arm64 kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux arm64 kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux arm64 kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux arm64 kubeadm (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux arm64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux arm64 kubelet (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux arm64 mounter (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux ppc64le apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux ppc64le kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux ppc64le kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux ppc64le kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux ppc64le kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux ppc64le kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux ppc64le kubeadm (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux ppc64le kubectl (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux ppc64le kubelet (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux ppc64le mounter (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux s390x apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux s390x kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux s390x kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux s390x kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux s390x kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux s390x kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux s390x kubeadm (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux s390x kubectl (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux s390x kubelet (checksum)
v1.20.15 linux s390x mounter (checksum)
v1.20.15 windows 386 kubectl.exe (checksum)
v1.20.15 windows amd64 kube-proxy.exe (checksum)
v1.20.15 windows amd64 kubeadm.exe (checksum)
v1.20.15 windows amd64 kubectl.exe (checksum)
v1.20.15 windows amd64 kubelet.exe (checksum)