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Version Operating System Architecture Download Binary Copy Link
v1.26.3 darwin amd64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.26.3 darwin amd64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.26.3 darwin arm64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.26.3 darwin arm64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux 386 kubectl (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux 386 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux amd64 apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux amd64 kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux amd64 kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux amd64 kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux amd64 kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux amd64 kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux amd64 kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux amd64 kubeadm (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux amd64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux amd64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux amd64 kubelet (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux amd64 mounter (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm kubeadm (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm kubectl (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm kubelet (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm mounter (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm64 apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm64 kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm64 kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm64 kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm64 kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm64 kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm64 kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm64 kubeadm (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm64 kubelet (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux arm64 mounter (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux ppc64le apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux ppc64le kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux ppc64le kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux ppc64le kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux ppc64le kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux ppc64le kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux ppc64le kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux ppc64le kubeadm (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux ppc64le kubectl (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux ppc64le kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux ppc64le kubelet (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux ppc64le mounter (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux s390x apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux s390x kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux s390x kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux s390x kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux s390x kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux s390x kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux s390x kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux s390x kubeadm (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux s390x kubectl (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux s390x kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux s390x kubelet (checksum)
v1.26.3 linux s390x mounter (checksum)
v1.26.3 windows 386 kubectl-convert.exe (checksum)
v1.26.3 windows 386 kubectl.exe (checksum)
v1.26.3 windows amd64 kube-log-runner.exe (checksum)
v1.26.3 windows amd64 kube-proxy.exe (checksum)
v1.26.3 windows amd64 kubeadm.exe (checksum)
v1.26.3 windows amd64 kubectl-convert.exe (checksum)
v1.26.3 windows amd64 kubectl.exe (checksum)
v1.26.3 windows amd64 kubelet.exe (checksum)
v1.26.3 windows arm64 kubectl-convert.exe (checksum)
v1.26.3 windows arm64 kubectl.exe (checksum)
v1.25.8 darwin amd64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.25.8 darwin amd64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.25.8 darwin arm64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.25.8 darwin arm64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux 386 kubectl (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux 386 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux amd64 apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux amd64 kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux amd64 kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux amd64 kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux amd64 kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux amd64 kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux amd64 kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux amd64 kubeadm (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux amd64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux amd64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux amd64 kubelet (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux amd64 mounter (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm kubeadm (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm kubectl (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm kubelet (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm mounter (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm64 apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm64 kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm64 kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm64 kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm64 kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm64 kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm64 kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm64 kubeadm (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm64 kubelet (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux arm64 mounter (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux ppc64le apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux ppc64le kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux ppc64le kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux ppc64le kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux ppc64le kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux ppc64le kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux ppc64le kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux ppc64le kubeadm (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux ppc64le kubectl (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux ppc64le kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux ppc64le kubelet (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux ppc64le mounter (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux s390x apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux s390x kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux s390x kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux s390x kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux s390x kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux s390x kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux s390x kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux s390x kubeadm (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux s390x kubectl (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux s390x kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux s390x kubelet (checksum)
v1.25.8 linux s390x mounter (checksum)
v1.25.8 windows 386 kubectl-convert.exe (checksum)
v1.25.8 windows 386 kubectl.exe (checksum)
v1.25.8 windows amd64 kube-log-runner.exe (checksum)
v1.25.8 windows amd64 kube-proxy.exe (checksum)
v1.25.8 windows amd64 kubeadm.exe (checksum)
v1.25.8 windows amd64 kubectl-convert.exe (checksum)
v1.25.8 windows amd64 kubectl.exe (checksum)
v1.25.8 windows amd64 kubelet.exe (checksum)
v1.25.8 windows arm64 kubectl-convert.exe (checksum)
v1.25.8 windows arm64 kubectl.exe (checksum)
v1.24.12 darwin amd64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.24.12 darwin amd64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.24.12 darwin arm64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.24.12 darwin arm64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux 386 kubectl (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux 386 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux amd64 apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux amd64 kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux amd64 kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux amd64 kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux amd64 kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux amd64 kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux amd64 kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux amd64 kubeadm (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux amd64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux amd64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux amd64 kubelet (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux amd64 mounter (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm kubeadm (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm kubectl (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm kubelet (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm mounter (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm64 apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm64 kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm64 kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm64 kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm64 kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm64 kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm64 kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm64 kubeadm (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm64 kubelet (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux arm64 mounter (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux ppc64le apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux ppc64le kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux ppc64le kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux ppc64le kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux ppc64le kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux ppc64le kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux ppc64le kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux ppc64le kubeadm (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux ppc64le kubectl (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux ppc64le kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux ppc64le kubelet (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux ppc64le mounter (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux s390x apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux s390x kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux s390x kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux s390x kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux s390x kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux s390x kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux s390x kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux s390x kubeadm (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux s390x kubectl (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux s390x kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux s390x kubelet (checksum)
v1.24.12 linux s390x mounter (checksum)
v1.24.12 windows 386 kubectl-convert.exe (checksum)
v1.24.12 windows 386 kubectl.exe (checksum)
v1.24.12 windows amd64 kube-log-runner.exe (checksum)
v1.24.12 windows amd64 kube-proxy.exe (checksum)
v1.24.12 windows amd64 kubeadm.exe (checksum)
v1.24.12 windows amd64 kubectl-convert.exe (checksum)
v1.24.12 windows amd64 kubectl.exe (checksum)
v1.24.12 windows amd64 kubelet.exe (checksum)
v1.24.12 windows arm64 kubectl-convert.exe (checksum)
v1.24.12 windows arm64 kubectl.exe (checksum)
v1.23.17 darwin amd64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.23.17 darwin amd64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.23.17 darwin arm64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.23.17 darwin arm64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux 386 kubectl (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux 386 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux amd64 apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux amd64 kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux amd64 kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux amd64 kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux amd64 kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux amd64 kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux amd64 kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux amd64 kubeadm (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux amd64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux amd64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux amd64 kubelet (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux amd64 mounter (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm kubeadm (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm kubectl (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm kubelet (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm mounter (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm64 apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm64 kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm64 kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm64 kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm64 kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm64 kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm64 kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm64 kubeadm (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm64 kubectl (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm64 kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm64 kubelet (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux arm64 mounter (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux ppc64le apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux ppc64le kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux ppc64le kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux ppc64le kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux ppc64le kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux ppc64le kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux ppc64le kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux ppc64le kubeadm (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux ppc64le kubectl (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux ppc64le kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux ppc64le kubelet (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux ppc64le mounter (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux s390x apiextensions-apiserver (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux s390x kube-aggregator (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux s390x kube-apiserver (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux s390x kube-controller-manager (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux s390x kube-log-runner (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux s390x kube-proxy (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux s390x kube-scheduler (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux s390x kubeadm (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux s390x kubectl (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux s390x kubectl-convert (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux s390x kubelet (checksum)
v1.23.17 linux s390x mounter (checksum)
v1.23.17 windows 386 kubectl-convert.exe (checksum)
v1.23.17 windows 386 kubectl.exe (checksum)
v1.23.17 windows amd64 kube-log-runner.exe (checksum)
v1.23.17 windows amd64 kube-proxy.exe (checksum)
v1.23.17 windows amd64 kubeadm.exe (checksum)
v1.23.17 windows amd64 kubectl-convert.exe (checksum)
v1.23.17 windows amd64 kubectl.exe (checksum)
v1.23.17 windows amd64 kubelet.exe (checksum)
v1.23.17 windows arm64 kubectl-convert.exe (checksum)
v1.23.17 windows arm64 kubectl.exe (checksum)